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Coinop Spare Ltd. is a professional manufacturer and wholesaler for game parts, especially in tokens and redemption tickets. We can make tokens with any size any design as per customers’ request. The materials we use to produce tokens are stainless steel, brass, red copper, cupronickel, zinc alloy, iron and so on.

With years experience and technology, Coinop Spare Ltd. knows the process of producing tokens that result in detailed impressions with accurate size and weight consistency throughout every batch. Our tokens look great, work well, and accept time after time in all standard coin selectors. We will supply tokens with high quality and fast shipping time. We make standard and custom tokens for the amusement, vending, car wash, laundry, souvenir-entertainment, promotional and other industries.

Besides tokens, redemption ticket is our main product. Our expertise in the printing of redemption tickets, the redemption tickets work well in any dispensing system, is the reason our products are popular by many FEC operators. Redemption tickets can be custom printed, including your company logo, a bar code or colored ink, making your company unique on your order and stand out from the competition.

With years of experience, combined with our fast, professional and reliable service, we are confident to be Your One Stop for All Coinop Spares!!

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Wholesale arcade parts We Supply

As an experienced arcade manufacturer, we supply wholesale token, redemption ticket, cam lock, arcade push botton, arcade joystick, arcade microswitch, arcade power supply, coin acceptor, coin counter, coin dispenser, coin entry, coin hopper, pub stool, redemption ticket storage box, ticket dispenser, ticket eater, token tray and all arcade accessories. We have dedicated production lines or reliable sources of partnership. For our agency, we can offer Free Draft Designs and Samples.

Game tokens

Game tokens are digital or physical elements that serve as an in-game currency used for purchasing and exchanging game-related goods and services. Game tokens can also be traded or exchanged with other players, providing an additional way to enhance gaming experiences or make a profit.

Redemption tickets

Redemption tickets are physical or virtual game items earned by players as rewards for completing certain tasks or winning games. They are often exchanged for prizes or other types of rewards at redemption centers, arcades. Redemption tickets can be made of paper with varied designs and colors.

Coin acceptors

Coin acceptors are devices used to accept and verify tokens in exchange for a product, service or game usage. These devices are commonly seen in vending machines, arcade games, and other systems where quick transactions are required.


A padlock is a type of lock that is designed to be portable and can be opened with a key or combination code. They can be made of different materials such as steel, brass, and aluminum, and can differ in size and shape depending on the intended use.